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We develop the effective product for your cosmetics

Would you like to expand your cosmetic line in an innovative way? Are you looking for your own formula that will raise your skincare line to a new level? Do you wish a new fragrance to lend your creams and lotions a new lease of life?

Then you’ve come to the right place! We are the ideal partner to finalise your cosmetics line or even develop brand new products. We specialise in the development, manufacture and assembling of effective active skincare, according to your needs.
We will steer your product from conception through to the assembling. We focus on certified and tested active cosmetics for premium, personal care only – guaranteeing your brand’s success. We mindfully decided not to develop our own brand so that we can concentrate on creating the perfect personal care product for you.

The secret lies in the formula

“Every formula is like a work of art: it is only when the individual components all resonate in harmony with each other that the effectiveness fully unfolds.”
Heiko Patzer
Head of Development at Neo Cos

The best personal care products are only as good as their holistic formulas. Our core competencies include the development and evolution of formulas for every cosmetic and body care product. We value high-quality and functional ingredients – equally for institute cosmetics, clean beauty products, natural cosmetics, or anti-aging cosmetics.

We can also refresh your existing personal care products to make them even more incredible. Our goal is to make daily body care a positive experience for your customers.

30 years of cosmetics expertise

“Customer focus and cohesion – that's what has defined us as a family business for 30 years.”
Founder family: Petra Kühn with son Julian Kühn

The idea to become a contract manufacturer specialising in active cosmetics was born more than 30 years ago. Even then we relied on our expertise to make small volumes of quality high-end cosmetics. Since the beginning, we have continued to stay true to our customers and vice versa. We measure our success by the loyalty of our many global customers.

How we realise your vision of a personal care product

We will guide you each step of the way, from the formula through to packaging

Whether face care, masks, institute cosmetics, shampoos, ampoules or clean beauty products – we fulfil your order from development through to packaging.

  1. Customized development
  2. Production and quality control
  3. Filling and assembling
  4. Worldwide shipping