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Using all the senses to ensure your product functions as it should

It’s not just a day cream. It’s your unique idea for personal care. Your customers will only trust you if your brand keeps its promises. For 30 years, it has been our mission to lead the way for brands and strengthen their market position.

Face care

Cremes, lotions, cleansing milks, and masks – we look back on decades-long experience in cosmetics. We apply our knowledge of proven ingredients to the manufacture of all our personal care products. We also look to the future by testing new and innovative substances and raw materials. We are happy to recommend new products to you.


From head to foot – human skin is diverse and so are our skincare needs. The options are limitless, from highly sensitive skin, to moisturising care, or rich and nourishing lotions.

Active ampoules and serums

Concentrated, targeted, and practical: active cosmetics stored in ampules provide intensive care and give your skin a real boost. We create your remarkable serums and ensure they are packaged to perfection.

Clean Beauty

All our personal care products can be manufactured to align with clean beauty concepts and your blacklist. We provide accurate proof of the ingredients and their origins so that your customers can be sure your products don’t contain any harmful substances.

Institute and Anti-aging cosmetics

Professional beauticians, beauty institutes and SPAs rely on our cosmetics which have been especially developed for institutes. From ampoules to toners and oils, these products offer customers what they value most. 


Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, peelings – we develop every product imaginable for cleaning and personal care in the shower.

Men’s personal care

Practical, non-greasy and straightforward – manly skincare. Our cosmetics lines for men cater to the specific needs of this target group. Guaranteed to be a guy thing only.

Fragrances and perfumes

Our nose decides how affable a person is, as do personal care products. Fragrances reveal a lot about someone’s personality as well as perfecting our body care regime. Eau de Toilettes, perfumed oils, toners, body sprays – let us spoil your customers’ senses.

Baby care

Baby skin is so delicate and has a sensitive protective layer which calls for especially gentle cleansing and care. One of our specialities includes manufacturing special formulas for the care of baby’s skin.

How we strengthen your brand

Whether it’s face cream, tonic, lotion or hair care – every personal care product has its own special formula and effects, which is why our range of personal care products is as diverse as the demands of your customers. We focus on your specific needs at every stage of the project, offering our expert advice down to the very last detail.

Natural Cosmetics and Clean Beauty

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Quality skincare maintains our health and lends a polished look. But there’s more to it than that, customers increasingly value sustainability and natural ingredients. We are highly selective when it comes to choosing our cosmetics. Many brands are reacting to this trend and publishing a list of ingredients that are not contained in their personal care products.
  • We will carefully develop your cosmetics according to your blacklist and only use the ingredients which you permit.
  • We would love to advise you on how you can develop new products in compliance with organic and natural cosmetics guidelines.
Talk to us for expert advice if you have any concerns about the functions of essential oils, natural ingredients, and how to combine these for optimum effects.

Personalisation and Customising

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The secret recipe at Neo Cos is that no two formulas are the same. If Neo Cos manufactures your personal care product, you can be sure that it will be unique. Since we founded our business, we have promised to create something extraordinary. And that is also what your customers have come to expect from you.
  • We will create new formulas that meet your vision for the functions of your product.
  • We will advise you on how to best extend your cosmetics line.
We are fully transparent and will maintain an open dialogue with you throughout the development process.

Specialist for active cosmetics

Your customers want cosmetics that work. For optimal slow-releasing effects, a product must be made with just the right ingredients. The basis of skincare is like building the foundation of a house. We specialise in optimising the formula, from basic details to the final touches. From colour, touch, or scent – even small batches at Neo Cos result in a distinctive product for you.
  • We endeavour to provide high standards in the production of effective cosmetics with active ingredients that optimally take effect on the skin.
  • Every personal care product we manufacture for you is a unique creation.
We design extraordinary formulas with balanced foundations