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One rule applies for the production of cosmetics: the best possible quality ensures a product has optimum efficacy and a longer shelf life. To maintain consistently high-quality products, we perform regular quality controls and get our processes certified by external bodies.
There is nothing more important to us than maintaining hygiene standards and continuous high-quality products. On top of our regular quality controls, we document all our manufacturing processes, test every batch in our in-house laboratory, and keep test samples from every batch. All the ingredients and test outcomes are stored in the Product Information File.
"For me, quality controls are so versatile, because modern measurement technology meets my own perception of senses."
Stefanie Klute
Quality control
We develop all our cosmetics in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive. We draw on the latest data and information about ingredients and test these in the laboratory. We can provide support for the launch of your new product such as helping you with registration on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). We work with external experts who can conduct a safety analysis of your ingredients in accordance with the Directive and who, on request, can create the Product Information File (PIF).

Safety analysis

Microbiological quality

Preservation test

Stability tests

Efficacy testing

  1. Safety analysis

As soon as the formula has been developed and commissioned, we will arrange an external safety analysis. You will receive a safety report which is the main feature of the Product Information File. The requirements are laid down in the EU Cosmetics Directive

  1. Microbiological quality

Skincare products should be as sterile as possible. For this reason, the Cosmetics Directive stipulates microbiological testing. In external laboratories, we test our final products for microorganisms, yeast and moulds. Products are only shipped if they have satisfied the quality and microbial levels laid down in the Directive.

  1. Preservation test

In these tests, we investigate how well the preservatives in the personal care product prevent microbial growth.

  1. Stability tests

All our samples are subjected to stability testing to examine their shelf life. This involves withstanding various temperatures and storage situations, and regular monitoring. We also keep samples of the final product ready for sale so that we can carry out subsequent tests at any time if necessary.

  1. Efficacy testing

Do you want to make certain claims about your product? Maybe it has moisture balancing properties or it visibly reduces deep wrinkles? To bolster your marketing claims, we have a network of institutes that can perform use tests. We are happy to support you in this respect and can be contracted to perform the desired efficacy tests.

For personal care products to maintain their high quality, it is essential that there are no gaps in the documentation for all ingredients, manufacturing processes and test outcomes. We store any relevant data for a minimum of ten years. Drawing on our vast experience, we can support and advise you on all the necessary processes, allowing you to enter the market with ease.

ISO 9001 certification

Quality is not only a top priority for our products, but also all of our company’s processes. That has led us to establish a quality management system and we regularly get certified to standard ISO 9001 by external auditors. Our management systems allow us to review our instruments, production sites, processes, documents, and IT systems. We work systematically to enhance our processes so that we can fulfil your orders efficiently and in the same high quality every time.

Assured sustainability certification

As a family-run business, sustainability is part of our tradition. We see value creation as a sustainable process involving ecological, social and innovative aspects. We produce skincare to maintain healthy skin and we believe it is only natural that our business also operates sustainably. We are also in receipt of regular certification by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics. All our processes, from manufacture and working conditions to recycling internally are audited and analysed.