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As your trusted service provider, our aim is to bring your cosmetics ideas to life. We work in close contact with you at every stage of the process – from the moment you get in touch, to the first batch of samples, right through to the release of your final product. After all, you know your customers best, and we know the ingredients they need for their personal skincare.

1. Customized development

Our experienced specialists ensure that you receive an exclusive, one-of-a-kind formula from us that has been specially tailored to your needs. We offer an extensive range of services to support you right where you need it most:

  • New development of entire personal care ranges
  • Formula variations and modifications
  • Formula evolution
  • Adaptation of effects and fragrances
  • Recommendations for new products
  • Redesign and improvement of existing products
  • Ingredient analysis
  • Advice on new raw materials and their effects
  • Trend analyses and design
  • And a whole lot more

“Each of our cosmetic products is both individual and unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here at Neo Cos – we focus on bringing your ideas to life in just the way you want them.”

Heiko Patzer, Head of Development

We create your product – from conception through to the transformative functions of active ingredients

Every excellent personal care product begins with an idea. Developing active cosmetics is a special and complex process. As transparent partners, we will guide you along the journey:

Your enquiry

Creating the formula

Production approval

  1. Your enquiry

Talk to us about your idea and we’ll help you to realise it quickly.

  • We’d be happy to advise you by suggesting suitable raw materials for your product.
  • Selecting the right packaging material is also crucial to your product’s success.
  • Through our development survey, we gain strategic insight into your desired vision and also get an overview of your ‘no go’s’.
  1. Creating the formula

As soon as we know your exact needs and have recorded these in our development survey, we will create the formula.

  • In our modern R&D department, all our raw materials are ready for product conception.
  • We first mix the formula and manufacture the initial samples. We examine these according to parameters such as appearance, consistency, smell, care effect and feel before they are sent to you for testing.
  1. Production approval

After our laboratory sample is approved, we prepare the manufacturing instructions for production according to the formula and ingredients. The product goes into production.

  • A pilot sample can be made in reduced quantities (30 kg) if you like.
  • We conduct further quality tests in parallel, so you can be sure that we’ll supply you with the best quality products only.

2. Production and quality control

In our generous and modern mixers, your personal care product is prepared to the highest hygiene standards and is then heated, mixed, tested, and finished.

“Producing cosmetics is something very special. It requires a lot of experience and intuition, because no two products are the same.”
Julian Kühn
Head of Production

Homogenising mixers, suitable for any quantity

Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art mixers in which we manufacture individual batches up to 1,200 kg per poduction. This makes us flexible and capable of manufacturing the specific volumes you require.

Manufacturing process

Creams are processed in a Becomix mixer. Often lasting up to six hours, this process involves processing dozens of raw materials and active ingredients. Production is carried out according to special manufacturing instructions, and each product undergoes a specific and exclusive mixing process.

Ongoing controls

Quality is continuously monitored by in-process controls during production. All the parameters such as temperature and density must be exactly right. The data are measured with extreme precision. Hygiene plays a major role by guaranteeing that the personal care product does not contain microorganisms.

Further processing

Quick further processing and product assembling guarantees the best possible quality. The bulk is either prepared for dispatch or forwarded for in-house filling and assembling

3. Filling and assembling

Your product’s journey ends in our in-house assembly department. We have the necessary equipment to fill jars, cans, tubes and pump dispensers. We also offer special solutions for filling, such as ampoules. 

Precise filling

Your customers should have a positive experience as soon as they open your cosmetic product to use it for the first time. We ensure that the packaging units are filled precisely and that product application is possible without any issue. We pay meticulous attention to this, whether filling by hand or machinery.

Perfectly packed

Packaging shields personal care products perfectly and this is where they really begin to shine. We label, fold and stamp your packaging and provide you with finished batches in handy units – ready for immediate use.

4. Worldwide shipping

“Every day, we spare no effort to ensure that your goods arrive fresh and intact, starting with raw materials storage and extending to dispatch.”
Benjamin Angaran
Packaging warehouse

Raw materials warehouse

Our production and warehouse facilities were built especially for the storage and manufacture of high-quality cosmetic products. We store more than 2,000 raw materials which are regularly inspected for application and quality.

Packaging and shipping

Our logistics team organises the whole process to run smoothly, from raw material storage to shipping. We give special attention to optimum safeguarding of the goods by ensuring the right temperature even during shipment, for example. We ship your orders all over Germany, Europe and worldwide.